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‘Supporting you through the constant changes of life’


Here at Avellana we are all about helping women be the healthiest they can be, at all ages and stages of life from the onset of puberty to pregnancy and menopause. Not every woman has the same needs and these needs change at different times in her life.  Chinese medicine & acupuncture are the perfect approach, because they are always about the individual - and always about the whole person.


Our Women’s Health program meets you wherever you are on your journey, to smooth the road beneath your feet, and prepare you to move forward with strength and calm.   We see our patients having less stressful pregnancies, more regular menstrual cycles, increased fertility and more manageable menopause with our treatments.


Here are some benefits you can experience:


• Comfortable & regular periods that won't interfere with normal activities

• Restraint of heavy bleeding & pain associated with fibroids & endometriosis

• Support with fertility issues when trying to conceive with optimal results

• Relief of your symptoms in pregnancy including morning sickness, fatigue, pain,

   heartburn and labour preparation

• Restored energy and supported recovery as a new mother

• Relief of hot flushes, anxiety, night sweats & insomnia in menopause


“Thank you so much for helping with my hot flushes, I can’t believe the difference acupuncture has made.  I am no longer waking at night and I hardly have any hot flushes and if I do they are nothing like what I was having before the acupuncture.”


Our treatments have been used for over 3,000 years for a variety of women's health issues, working to restore balance and overall vitality to women along any stage of their life.  We understand women who are juggling complicated lives, trying to support not just their own health but the health of their loved ones.  We understand your health journey as we are also navigating our own.  Treatment includes acupuncture, moxa, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping and massage along with dietary and lifestyle advice.


“At Avellana we love our job because we enjoy helping women be the healthiest they can be, supporting them through whatever health challenges they face, and standing by them as they make the choices necessary to heal themselves.”

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