"Noeleen provides a very professional service given with excellent knowledge for any of the areas that I had issues with. She is always friendly and made me feel very comfortable at all times. Thank you so much for all your help in first conceiving and throughout my pregnancy. You made my dream come true".  Stella


“I don’t know if it was the acupuncture or third time lucky, but this time the IVF worked.  I am now 18 weeks pregnant, so far, so good.  I just wanted to thank you and if I do go down the road of IVF again which I probably will, I’ll definitely be in touch for some acupuncture. Thanks again.”  Helen




“I was booked in for labour induction on Tuesday.  I contacted Noeleen on the Friday, as a friend recommended acupuncture.  It was my first baby and I really didn’t want to be induced.  I was terrified of needles but Noeleen was great, she managed to fit me in on the Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Her technique was so gentle and she had a great calming influence on me.  The first day she even stayed in the room with me and did some breathing techniques.  On the Monday night my precious little baby girl was born naturally.  Thanks a million.”  Mary


“I had been trying everything to bring on my labour.  I had been walking loads and Noeleen explained that my energy was low and advised that I rested more as it was vital that I had enough energy for my labour.  The treatments were brilliant and very relaxing.  After 3 sessions and 8 days overdue I gave birth to my beautiful gem.  Her advice was brilliant and the acupressure points for my labour really helped…I didn’t need any drugs!!”


“Thank you so much for all your help.  I was so happy when I heard my baby had turned and I didn’t need a caesarean.  You were so supportive and such a calming influence.”


“Thank you so much for helping me with my morning sickness along with your support, guidance and patience over the last few months.  You were such a lifesaver when I thought I would never feel better again.”




“My daughter’s lungs were sore from wheezing due to asthma, Noeleen gave her a wonderful soothing massage.  She was relaxed afterwards, her breathing was improved and her mood was happier.  She also taught me points to massage that were a great help.”


Women’s Health




“Thank you so much for helping with my hot flushes, I can’t believe the difference acupuncture has made.  I am no longer waking at night and I hardly have any hot flushes and if I do they are nothing like what I was having before the acupuncture.”


Asthma, heavy periods, Stress


“My health has improved immensely since I began acupuncture.  Noeleen tailored the treatment to suit my needs and listened carefully.  I stopped using steroids for my asthma after acupuncture as I don’t need them anymore.  Noeleen is a superb professional.  She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and observant.  She has a lovely calm professional manner which helps her clients relax and benefit greatly from her treatments.  Noeleen also teaches meditation very well.”  Margaret


Pain Management




“Noeleen helped me immensely.  I had been suffering from arthritis in my hands and back for years with flare-ups every 2-3 weeks.  After 8 sessions, my pain had reduced and I was able to walk 2-3 miles regularly.  Now I just attend acupuncture every 4-6 months for a top-up and if I feel a niggle it settles it instantly.” Joan, 69


Back pain


“I had tried so many different therapies over the years and could not believe the difference acupuncture has made to my pain.  I hardly ever feel anything in my back and am able to enjoy life more.  Thank you so much for helping me.”


Men’s Health


“I attended acupuncture originally with back pain, but while I was there Noeleen also treated me for frequent urination.  The difference in both has been fantastic.  I also found the treatments so relaxing and enjoyable.”



Thank you for helping settle my prostatitis.  I had tried so many antibiotics and medication but the simple nutritional advice and acupuncture and herbal treatment have really settled my symptoms.”


Sport’s Injuries


“Noeleen, thank you for helping with my big sports event, I had no trouble at all with my calf injury.  The last minute treatment yesterday and those little press needles did the trick.  I have been telling everyone about them.”


“Thank you Noeleen for helping with my slow to heal fracture.  I am so happy not to have needed surgery.  Your attention and care was fantastic.  I will definitely be using you more when I’m back at football.”


Baby Massage


“The atmosphere was so relaxing.  She loves the massage and I learnt ways to make her hands and arms relax.”


“This was a great class and would highly recommend it to anyone”


“We loved the warm, friendly environment. Noeleen gave clear instructions and always had time for a discussion at the end.  The baking was a real treat and so nice to be able to sit and enjoy a cuppa.  A few times our class ran over with all the chatting.”


“The classes were great, I made friends with other attendees and shared stories and helpful hints about baby massage care.  The massage always helped his bowel movements too.”


“I really enjoyed the classes.  It was lovely to have time away together.  The rhymes were great and helped me remember the strokes.  Noeleen was very welcoming and used a soft calming tone.  The classes gave me more confidence in touching my baby.  I noticed my son was much calmer.  It was lovely to devote time to bonding with my baby instead of worrying about housework.  The cookies were delicious.”


“The atmosphere was so relaxing and a great way of bonding.  It also helped my baby to sleep better during the day.”


“The classes were great.  Everyone was so supportive and helpful.  The massage techniques made such a difference to my baby’s colic.”



Thank you so much for the wonderful experience at baby massage.  We both enjoyed spending our Thursday mornings in your lovely gentle company….And of course thank you also for the superb cakes, buns and biscuits….Always a treat.”


Baby Yoga


“We found the stretches for both of us were great and really enjoyed the songs.  Noeleen made the class very relaxing and we loved going each week.”


“I really enjoyed the time together and the tea and chat with other mums.  The hand outs were very useful for home and allowed other members of the family to get involved. The breathing exercises and stretches were great.”


“We had so much fun, we signed up for another 5 weeks.  It was great to meet new friends and learn the songs and rhymes.”


“The classes were nice and small and relaxed.  I was surprised how tried he got after the class.  We loved all the rhymes, I think his favourite was ‘Zoom, zoom, zoom’ and the ‘Frog Song."

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