Here at Avellana we get a lot of pleasure out of helping women conceive and then taking care of them during their pregnancy.  Watching them grow and change is a very special time.  Sometimes morning sickness, fatigue, back pain or swollen ankles can make it hard for you to see just how miraculous you are during this time.  We have designed a pregnancy program using acupuncture to complement the care you get from your obstetrician and midwives, offering natural solutions to the most common ailments in pregnancy and helping you take control and enjoy your pregnancy.


Using acupuncture we can address issues such as:


• Morning sickness

• Fatigue

• Headaches

• Constipation

• Heartburn

• Backache

• Pelvic Girdle pain

• Oedema (Swollen ankles)

• Haemorrhoids


We are here to reassure, support and guide you through each trimester.  In the last few weeks, we help you get in shape for labour, softening your pelvic muscles and ligaments and giving you an energy boost before your labour.  Many patients turn to us for help in turning breech babies and also to help with labour induction when they have gone over their due date.  Click here to read patients’ stories about using acupuncture to turn a breech baby and to help induce labour.


“The treatments were brilliant and very relaxing.  After 3 sessions and 8 days overdue I gave birth to my beautiful gem.  Her advice was brilliant and the acupressure points for my labour really helped…I didn’t need any drugs!!”


Taking Care of Yourself Once Baby is Born


Many new parents feel both elated and exhausted once labour is over.  It is such a huge adjustment from being free to run to the shop for milk or meet the girls to being responsible for someone so small and vulnerable.  At Avellana we know how vital it is to take care of yourself at this time and we are here to take care of you, so that you can take care of your baby.


We aim to provide mums support so that they will have the energy to do everything they need to do.  We use nourishing herbs, acupuncture, moxa and massage to get your body back on track after the demands of pregnancy and labour to now raising and caring for your baby.  We provide gentle treatments for the most common complaints for new mums including:


• Post-natal depression

• Poor milk supply

• Chapped nipples and Painful breasts

• Anxiety

• Fatigue

• Constipation

• Haemorrhoids


We also offer baby massage and baby yoga classes in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  Our classes can be a great way to meet new friends, share stories and advice, help your baby if they are having any problems.

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