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Embrace the Season You Are In

Monday, October 24, 2016

I love the season of Autumn and it allows for time to reflect on the high energy of the summer season.  In my work, there are a lot of references to how our bodies experience their own cyclical changes that tie in with the seasons.  It is nice to take the time to connect with the natural cycles our bodies follow.  When you tune in to your body you may even notice your energy, appetite, sleep, mood, etc are different throughout the different phases.   

1) Our Menstrual Cycles and the Seasons Within 


For women in our menstrual cycle, we experience 4 phases of the cycle can reflect the 4 seasons.  In the first half of your cycle, it is a time to nourish and grow, where your lining starts to grow and an egg starts to grow and prepare for ovulation.  Spring is the season of new beginnings, the quality of feeling is expectant, as if the air itself is full of possibilities.


As our cycle moves to ovulation, the focus is to continue to nourish and release potential.  It is Summer, the season when you feel full of life and warm inside full of love and ready to give.


Once ovulation passes, where or not an egg has been fertilised we move into Autumn. It is a time to start to slow down, begin to tidy, sort through things and reflect after a fruitful growing season.  The focus is around nourishing and growing as your lining continues to thinking preparing to incubate a fertilised egg or release into Winter.


Winter brings us to the shedding of our lining, our period.  It is the time to nurture, release and cleanse. A time for stillness, rest and staying warm in front of a roaring fire and allow for everything to be cleansed away.

2) Pregnancy and the Seasons


For me the same comparison can be made with pregnancy where we have the first trimester been likened to Spring, when a bud is starting to grow and develop.  The second trimester resembling Summer, full bloom and full of energy.  With the third trimester equating to Autumn, the time to slow down, nest, prepare for baby’s arrival.  Finally, the most important fourth trimester, resembling Winter.  This is a time to nurture, rest, restore.  A time to slow down, stay warm, eat warming foods.  For some there may be a season you do not particularly enjoy. Know that it will come and go, and the next cycle will begin. You will Spring into motherhood full of energy, when baby becomes more alert and attentive to all that you do.


There is so much we can relate back to nature and changing of seasons in our own bodies and around us. Embrace and enjoy each one as they symbolise a lot more than just the time of year or weather.


We are cyclical beings in the world. Our lives are not linear. Everything happens in cycles and seasons – passion, creativity, wisdom, success – they all ebb and flow.  Breathe in the morning sunshine, and embrace the season your life is in today.


Each season only lasts a short while and then you are into the next phase! 



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