Men’s Health


At Avellana, we treat men for a range of issues from sports injuries to back pain to sinus and sleep problems.


We draw on a centuries old tradition to help men of all ages to optimise their health.


Through acupuncture and herbal medicine, along with appropriate lifestyle, nutrition and exercise recommendations, we restore balance and vitality.


Some of the conditions men are commonly treated for at Avellana are:


• Stress

• High blood pressure

• Depression, anxiety and fatigue

• Sports injuries

• Back pain and sciatica

• Musculoskeletal issues including knee, shoulder and hip issues

• Weight control

• Indigestion and gastric ulcers

• Urinary problems

• Prostatitis

• Allergies and sinus problems

• Cold and flu relief

• Male infertility, low sperm count, motility and mobility



Thank you for helping settle my prostatitis.  I had tried so many antibiotics and medication but the simple nutritional advice and acupuncture and herbal treatment have really settled my symptoms.”


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