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Herbal medicine has a great deal to offer in supporting your body in achieving optimum health.  Treatment involves the use of a combination of herbs which are tailored to treat your specific symptoms and as a preventative medicine.


Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) has a recorded history of 2,000 years of use in China and still retains a strong presence in health provision in China today.  More recently it has become firmly established in Ireland and the UK.  The principle is that a balance of ingredients with certain properties is matched to the individual patient's pattern, allowing the practitioner to adapt to the changing needs of the patient.

Considerable research into many aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been conducted in China and the West proving beyond doubt its efficacy and merit. People of any age and constitution can benefit from Chinese herbal medicine.


At Avellana our herbalist Noeleen has a BSc (Hons) Traditional Chinese Medicine and a MB in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is registered with the Irish and UK Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, IRCHM and RCHM.


Your First Visit


On your first visit your herbalist will take a detailed analysis of signs and symptoms with a unique system of pulse and tongue diagnosis to develop a detailed picture of the course and process of disease. After diagnosis each person will be prescribed an individual herbal formula, tailor made to their specific requirements. This allows for a subtle but powerfully effective form of treatment with minimal side-effects.


How are herbs administered?


The herbs may be administered in a variety of ways. Most commonly it is prescribed either as a tea, to be made up from raw herbs or from concentrated powders, tinctures, or as a ready-made formula in tablet form. External preparations are also used, including creams, ointments and washes for skin conditions, and compresses for traumatised tissue. Chinese herbal teas tend to be bitter, but most people get accustomed to them quickly.


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