Baby Massage


‘The happiest babies around’


What is Baby Massage?


Baby Massage is a wonderful way to really connect with your baby through the sense of touch and it has amazing benefits for everyone.


The massage sequence I teach was developed by Vimala McClure who is the founder of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Vimala travelled to India during the 1970’s and was inspired by how mothers there massage their babies as part of their daily routine. She enhanced this method of massage to include elements of Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga.


Why do a Baby Massage Class?


It gives you a great opportunity to get to know your baby, and see their reactions to your touch. It also provides you with time away from your busy life to just stop, and marvel at your precious baby.


“We loved the warm, friendly environment. Noeleen gave clear instructions and always had time for a discussion at the end.  The baking was a real treat and so nice to be able to sit and enjoy a cuppa.  A few times our class ran over with all the chatting.”


What happens at a Baby Massage Class?


Group classes take place at Avellana which is on the first floor (Yes, there is a lift!). Classes are designed to be small – there are usually a maximum of 6 - 8 mums and their babies at a baby massage class.


When you arrive, the room is set up with baby mats and fresh blankets for your baby to lie on, and a cushion for you to sit on. All oils and handouts are provided.


Each class is “baby led” – you are free to tend to your baby in anyway throughout the duration of the class (you can feed, change and comfort your baby as you feel necessary, or get up and have a walk around).  Only you know what suits your baby.


During the class I will demonstrate the strokes on a doll while you give your baby a thorough massage, focusing on a different area each week.


And afterwards, when your baby is relaxed and content, you can enjoy a cup of a fresh coffee/tea and cake in the company of other mums and babies. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy a well-deserved break and a chance to meet new friends and share support and wisdom, let off steam, have a laugh and swap stories.


Baby Massage Courses


Courses run over 5 consecutive weeks.

Classes last for 1½ hours, which includes instruction followed by tea and coffee.

Parents have the opportunity to meet others going through a similar stage of parenting.

The cost of the course is €100 which includes organic baby massage oils, laminated book, tea/coffee and healthy home-baked treats.

Dress yourself and your baby comfortably for the class.


Up to €100 is refundable by most health insurance providers:


Quinn Direct Health Manager and Health Manager Gold members can re-claim €100 against their health insurance.

VHI Family Plan and Company Plan members can re-claim €100.

Hibernian Aviva members can re-claim €90.


“The classes were great.  Everyone was so supportive and helpful.  The massage techniques made such a difference to my baby’s colic.”



The next class for

Baby Massage is on:

Friday 17th February @ 10.30am

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